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Hey there :)
I'm 18 and live in Essex, this is my second blog and on it I'm going to be writing reviews and explorations of my favourite novels, plays, and poems.

Favourite authors:
Emily Bronte, Garth Nix, Terry Pratchett, John Green, Marcus Zusak and lots and lots more :)

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So… this is my first post

So on this tumblr I’m going to post about different novels/plays/poems that I read and enjoy, partly for my own revision purposes and partly so that other people can find some good things to read if they want to :)

This is my second tumblr account but my other one is just random stuff, message me if you want to follow and I’ll tell you what it is :) 

I’m not only going to write my own stuff on here but if I read a good review or something then I’ll reblog as well :)

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